The Imperfectly Perfect Workings of Divine timing

Karma. Life lessons. The Law of Attraction. They all stem from the belief system that we reap(ed) what we sew and therefore we bring certain people and situations to us.

Our mind and our thoughts are more powerful than we think.

What we think and how we think are the whispers from our subconscious. If we pay attention, we will begin to understand the nature of the circumstances surrounding us as well as the why when it comes to the things that happen within our lives and to us.

Some things are predetermined. Mostly from past lives. We are here to learn the lessons that set us back in our previous lifetime in order for our Soul to grow and move forward in this lifetime.

We all agreed to be here and to go through the lessons we are destined to go through. Nobody is here by chance. It was our Souls’ choice to be here. We just don’t remember what we did (or agreed on) to live through within this lifetime, so we have to figure it out as we go along. That is probably why we feel that our life is dictated by a hidden set of rules. This may be true, but these rules are set in place to prepare us for those right moments when our Soul does have those chances to grow. Not what we may think may be our right moment, but the Universe’s idea of the right moment. This is called Divine timing.

Divine timing is basically a term that explains that everything and everyone are here for a purpose and what goes on within our lives is dictated by the Divine or the Universe to raise our Souls to a higher vibration. As previously mentioned, this is done so our Souls can learn and grow within each lifetime that we have chosen to be here.

Learning and growing is why we are alive. We have chosen this time to expand our Souls.

Because of the concept of free will, we have choices on how fast we want to learn these lessons we were brought here to learn. Divine timing does not follow the same concept of time we are used to. The Universe is in no rush to get you where you need to go, so the Universe uses Divine timing to put you through the lessons your Soul needs to go through in order to prepare you for the next lesson.

If you make choices due to free will (or the choices that delay your Soul’s growth), the Universe will let you live and learn through those self-afflicted obstacles you put there yourself. The Universe understands that that is what your Soul needs in order for it to grow. And if you need to revisit that same lesson more than once, the Universe waits until you are ready for the next lesson, however long that might take.

There might be times when you feel very in tuned with what the Universe has in store for you. Other times you might not. When the latter happens, do not beat yourself up. It is also a part of your learning and growth. It is also a part of the Universe’s divine timing. Life is a journey after all, so enjoy it the best you can.

Here are a few things to understand about Divine timing:

  1. Do not compare your Soul’s growth with others.

This is very important because it can really get in the way of seeing our own progress. If we compare ourselves to others and live within someone else’s standards, it’s harder to allow ourselves to grow. That can block us from being open to the blessings that are set to come our way.

If we do not take the opportunity to get to know ourselves and our own uniqueness, then that can mean we are not listening to what the Universe is trying to tell us. If we are not listening to the Universe, then we are not being guided by the Universe. Instead, we are being guided by our egos. Too much ego can cause disharmony and balance within our own lives.

2. Listen to yourself.

When you listen to the voice deep inside of you, guess what? You are tuning in to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

I am not talking about our thought dialogue. That is our ego talking. That is the noise that keeps us from hearing the inner voice. Our inner voice is our intuition and our spirit guides helping us through our life’s journey. This is why meditation can be so beneficial! Meditation help quiet down the ego voice so we can hear our inner voice.

3. Learn to trust yourself.

If you trust yourself then you are listening to your intuition. Your intuition is your inner voice, ergo the Universe or the Divine telling you what you need to be aware of. When you can listen to your inner voice telling you the best path to take, it can save you from going through a lot of unnecessary obstacles and challenges. If you trust yourself, more blessings come to you.

4. Release your need for control and have more faith.

How many times have you tried to cut corners and rush for the prize, so to speak? If you did end up claiming the prize, were you as happy about it as you thought you would be?

Probably not.

Most likely, it felt like something was missing, or it wasn’t exactly what you thought you wanted.

Here are a few things to think about:

-You could’ve gotten something better than you could’ve imagined if you would’ve been more patient and less controlling.

-Balancing work and play would’ve landed you a big promotion (or better!), and you didn’t have to neglect your health or your loved ones to get it.

-Taking the necessary driving precautions on the freeway will get you where you needed to go just as fast without causing an accident.

You do not need to make things harder in your life because you feel you need to be in control all the time.

Divine timing is always working for you.

5. What is meant to be for you will not pass you.

Even if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, it will happen in another lifetime.

Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Instead of stressing out about not having enough time to achieve what you want, just know that your Soul is always growing. If you have faith in Divine timing, what you want in life will turn out better than you could have ever imagined.

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