The Real struggles of an Empath and how to overcome them.

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Nowadays, most of us have heard of the word ‘empath’. The short definition would be that ‘an empath is a highly sensitive person with the ability of being able to experience a third party’s emotions and experiences as if it were their own.’

Empaths feel what everyone else feels, but they feel it tenfold. They also have the ability to see right through people and situations even when they second guess themselves. Large crowds make them exhausted and drained, certain people suck the life out of them and they have a hard time watching things on TV with violence and gore. If you’re wondering if you’re an empath, then most of the time the answer is ‘yes’, or you wouldn’t still be reading this.

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I am an empath, and most of my life when I have expressed how I felt to non-empaths, the first reaction they would give me is the attitude of ‘you’re too sensitive’ and ‘get over it.’ To an empath, that can be just as draining. Not only does that make the empath doubt their natural born psychic abilities, but it also makes them feel crazy because nobody seems to understand or be going through what they are going through.

Here are a few real struggles empaths have to go through:

  1. The struggle with self-identity.

If you are an empath then most likely you have always been an empath. It wasn’t something triggered by puberty (even though puberty and the hormones don’t help either). It is simply what an empath is born with and has to learn deal with and accept as a part of them.

Empaths have been around for as long as Humans have been around, but the term itself is only something very recent. In the past, empaths had to endure a lot of hardship and sometimes were seen as mentally unstable. Whether they had been diagnosed as such or not, they felt that way, because nobody seemed to understand or feel what they did. That would lead the empath to feeling misunderstood, misjudged and in some cases, isolated by those around them. It was lack of understanding on what it was they were feeling that made it all so very confusing. Imagine feeling these excruciating feelings that were so overwhelming it could mentally and physically cripple you? Welcome to being an ungrounded and vulnerable empath.

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  1. To feel everything is to struggle with scattered energy and therefore feeling everything and everyone.

If you are not an empath, reading this will make you roll your eyes and think: “Geez, what a bunch of weak and exaggerating weirdos! Why can’t they just get over it?”

Well, guess what? We try to do that every minute of every day! When we don’t know what we are, we walk around ignoring it and in complete denial of how we really feel. Guess what happens when we try to ignore or deny how we are really feeling? Something worse. It backs up on us like a clogged drain, like an overflowing cup. The feeling becomes worse, forcing us to deal with those things we are feeling. It forces us to acknowledge it. There’s no getting out of it unless you know what you are dealing with and know what to do to block those things from getting inside of us.

Whatever the reason we are feeling what we are feeling, and there is always a reason, we have no choice but to do feel it, acknowledge it and send it on their way. That is the tricky part: some of us don’t send it on their way. We take it as our own and want to break it down and examine it because we think it is ourselves we are feeling and not somebody else or something else projecting onto us. The hard part is remembering that and then letting it go without absorbing it.

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  1. Am I neurotic or crazy?

If you are simply an empath, then no, you are not crazy.  And you are certainly not neurotic even though that is how you will feel the majority of the time. And trust me, if you have ever thought you might be crazy or were crazy that is the indication. The real crazies out there would never ever think they are crazy.

  1. Is this me I am feeling?

That is the most fundamental question: is this mine? Or is this somebody else I am feeling?

Think of yourself as a tower of light that attracts people’s (and thing’s) energies. It flows to you, it is attracted to you because you are a magnet for that energy. That is what makes you a psychic, an energetically, highly sensitive person. You pick up on things unseen by the eye and unfelt by the average Human being. You are very awake in a world where most people plummet through life still sleepwalking.


However, that is changing. With more and more people becoming more sensitive and more in tuned with the people around them and their surroundings, being a highly sensitive person is not as far-fetched as it used to be. Whether these sensitive people are in as much denial as empaths can be, these people that are becoming more aware and therefore more sensitive, understand that everything and everyone is connected. Still, we have many people walking around still sleepwalking, still unaware. I do feel that it won’t be for much longer, though. I really do feel one day everything and everyone will be aware, awake and understand the meaning of coexistence as a collective consciousness. After all, every living thing is connected.

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  1. Am I alone here?

No, you’re not alone.

It can feel that way because not many people go around saying they’re an empath, or even feel the need to. Either because if they are, they either don’t know they are, or they would never tell others unless they were sure the other person or people knew what they were talking about and were on the same page as them in terms of understanding and relating. But even then, it is not openly discussed.

Social media has become a great relief in that matter. So many people around the globe connect on social media with communities of empaths to discover, discuss and grow together as a way to better deal with being an empath. Feeling a part of a community in any sense makes it easier to live with, and being an empath is no different.

Locally, you can find meetup groups and local support groups for empaths. I have done both and it really helps to understand yourself and find common ground with those who know what you are going through. It also helps you with tips on what to do to live your day to day life prepared through techniques on grounding, shielding and cutting hooks and chords (or unhealthy attachments to those people and things that are draining you constantly). Those are interesting terminologies. If you are not familiar with them, those are the things that would most useful to research, and eventually discuss with likeminded individuals.

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  1. Being an empath is a curse.

No, it’s not. It’s a gift.

It may feel like it. There is a sense of feeling burdened by literally carrying the weight of the World on your shoulders. However, it is not a curse. It is a gift, and with such a powerful gift, there are tools and ways to manage so it can work for you.

The number one thing though is learning to trust yourself and your intuition. Secondly, you need to stay grounded which in many ways keeps unwanted energies away and keeps you aware of what is and isn’t yours. Third, meditate and clear your energies several times a day, depending on how often you are around people especially if you live in a highly populated area.

Not many can relate to you, but ironically you can relate to everyone. You can feel them and you probably can say with confidence that you might know and understand them better than they know and understand themselves.  If you have ever heard somebody say something like: “How do you know that? You don’t even know me.” Then most likely you just looked into their Soul. Cool, right? Just remember to cut the hooks and chords and cleanse your own energies when entering somebody else’s energy, whether you did it consciously or not.




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