Sometimes we look at life and wonder: “What am I doing?” Some more than others. The understanding of that question is the product of our mortality: feeling as though we don’t have much time makes us think back on the things we deem more important. So, when we ask ourselves: “What am I doing?” It can mean several things based on one presumption:

Am I or am I not living my life the way I want to?

It is something of a game when we think of our lives in general and if we really are doing what we want to with it, or are we merely following the rules that have been conditioned within us since our early stages of development. It seems as though, within all of the rules and expectations, they are not enough to distract us from that nagging inner voice asking us if we are happy with our lives and if we are happy doing what we are doing in it every day. Only we are able to answer the question…

Am I happy?

People will say they are happy. They can sit back and look around and say: “I have everything I want! I am happy.”

The belief of having ‘Everything I want’ varies with every individual. Some of us might be happy because we have a dream life most people would envy. Is it the life that is making us thrive? Are we happy living that life, or are we happy because everyone else wishes they had our life? Can we tell the difference?

When we dream, does our dream reenact what we already have, or does it transport us to another type of reality we wish we were a part of?

What do we long for the most?

I touched base on this with my previous article: “Are you settling or thriving?” It discusses our level of importance when it comes to life. I highly suggest you read that first in order to appreciate this article more.

In the long run, it is all about what we want in life and what will make us happy. Try free writing. If you’re not certain what you want in life, mindlessly scribble on a piece of paper as you focus on the question: “What will make me happy?” or “What makes me happy?” Allow yourself to write without knowing what it is you’re writing. You’ll be surprised to see what’s written.

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