via Daily Prompt: Restart

“I woke up today and it just felt different.

The air was light and breathable.

Bird were chirping and their song was delightful to me instead of distracting.

I didn’t feel the skin between my eyebrows tense and frown when my alarm clock went off.

Everything just felt better. I woke up today feeling like there was nothing I couldn’t do.”


We all go through these days where life runs clean on new adventures and possibilities. Those are the days we live for. Those are the days we wake up and look forward to.

But it is not always like that. Sometimes we wake up and we wish we could go right back to sleep and skip that day onto the next. We don’t know why and we aren’t willing to find out either. All we wish we could do is push a Restart button and get another result. A better scenario. A better day.

So, how does our day shape up toward our predictions? Is it a sixth sense we all have that allows to know we won’t have such a good day, or is it our attitude toward it? Is it both?

Here are a few things I have noticed in how we are able to shape our day without having to hit the restart button:

  1. Think Positive.

This is obvious but still hard to do when your day isn’t going so great. It takes a lot of willpower and control to keep things from getting to us when we are already not having a good day.

It is true, however, even if we fake being positive, most likely our day will improve just a little. They even say faking a smile for half a minute will actually make you feel happier.

But what if your day doesn’t improve with all the positivity you are trying to exert?

Then there is a message we are not listening to that our subconscious is trying to tell us, and in some extreme cases, warn us about:

If we are always having a bad day at work, we might need to consider what is making us so miserable at work? Is it the environment or the work itself?

How about around certain people? There might be something about them and their energy you are picking up on that is warning you to stay far away. Maybe you should listen.

Is it a certain place or thing? Consider what is about the place or object that makes you unhappy. Either give it to a museum, have an exorcist perform an exorcism on it or merely avoid it altogether.

  1. Law of Attraction.

What we think, we manifest.


We tend to forget how powerful our thoughts really are.

Sure, everyone has a bad day or days, but don’t make it a routine to sit there in traffic, for example, and think that ‘life sucks.’ If you really believe that, guess what? It will suck!

The Universe hears you and it is not biased. It does not read between the lines. Whatever you think, it will hear your inner dialogue. So, if you have a bad day, don’t think: “I don’t like days like this.” The Universe will hear that you want more days like this because even though you said that you don’t, it heard that you do. Instead, you can rephrase it as, “The day is going to be full of pleasant surprises and happy opportunities from now on.”

See? The message is loud and clear.

Whenever you are having a bad day, stop and think about your thoughts. Take notice of your attitude. It can mean a World of difference to you if it was changed from a negative one to a positive one. There is always opportunities to make things better. Your thoughts are the restart button for that.



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