Tarnished Door

A poem by T.R. Magno

How do you feel about me now?

Do you still think I’m weak?

Do you need me because you’re lonely?

I don’t even know how to start back up now.

I’ve closed that tarnished door, you see?

It took all my strength to throw away the key.

All those years I loved you, didn’t I?

Even when I was sure you didn’t love me.

There will never be anyone who knows me;

I hide things to survive just like you did.

My goal was always to be what you weren’t;

Even if it meant changing my identity.

You almost broke me in half, you see?

But now you’re better and you want me back;

But that means the tarnished door will open;

I will be opening up my vulnerability.

How do I see what is right and wrong?

Does it make me a fool to allow you back in?

How do you feel about me now?

I guess in the end we shall see if I was wrong.

The truth is, I still love you;

You are a part of me, after all.

As many times as I tried to deny it;

You are just like me, as I am you too.

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